Conferences and Schools

The department organizes colloquia on a regular basis, usually on Wednesdays, where researchers from the department as well as guest speakers from other institutes present researches and recent developments in Mathematics & Statistics. The colloquium speakers include some of the best-known and most distinguished experts in their fields. The department also regularly hosts conferences, schools and workshops. Some of
the previous international conferences and schools organized by the department include:


Conference on Mathematical Foundations of Quantum
DMS Symposium 5th March, 2018
DMS Symposium 6th March, 2016
DMS Symposium on February 7, 2015.
DMS Symposium on March 22, 2014.
Mechanics: December 16-20, 2010.


  • Winter school on Stochastic Methods for Uncertainty Quantification & Sensitivity Analysis of Complex
  • Models: December 3-14, 2018. Click Here
  • IISER Kolkata Winter School in Mathematics (Ramanujanand the Circle Method): December 20-24, 2011.
  • IISER Kolkata Winter School on Number Theory (Waring’s Problem): December 13-17, 2010.

Seminar List

Name Seminar tropic Date
Dr. Pabitra Barik
IIT Madras
Hitchin pairs on a singular curve. 05/04/2018
Dr. Syed Hasibul Hassan Chowdhury
University of Dhaka
On Goldman bracket for G_2 gauge group 12/04/2018
Prof. Bikash Sinha
ISI, Kolkata
Alice in Diceland!!! 13/04/2018
Prof. Bikash Sinha
ISI, Kolkata
Oh Captain! My Captain!!
Dr. Ananya Lahiri
Chennai Mathematical Institute
Application of Statistics in Signal Processing, finance, and Environment model
Dr. Sumanta Adhya
West Bengal State University
Model-Based Inference for Finite Population Distribution
Dr. Arindam Banerjee 
R.K M.V.E.R.I Belur
Homological Algebra of Ideals Related To Graphs 10/05/2018
Dr. Anup BiswasIISER Pune Location of maximizers of eigenfunctions of nonlocal Schrodinger’s equation 21/05/2018
Dr. Ishani Roy Serein Inc. Diversity beyond gender ratio 21/05/2018
Dr. Indrajit Jana
Temple University, USA
Spectrum of Random Band Matrices. 02/08/2018
Dr. Swarnendu SilEPFL, Switzerland Nonlinear Stein theorems for differential forms 09/08/2018
Dr. Kaneenika SinhaIISER Pune Fluctuations and spacings in certain number sequences 04/09/2018
Dr. Debabrata Karmakar
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
On Liouville's systems corresponding to self similar solutions of the Keller-Segel system of several populations
Dr. Chitrabhanu Chaudhuri
Compact Riemann surfaces
Dr. Chitrabhanu ChaudhuriIISER Pune
Teichmuller spaces
Dr. Chitrabhanu ChaudhuriIISER Pune
Mapping class group and modular spaces
Dr. Shashankaditya UpadhyayShiv Nadar University Some structural indices in ecological networks 28/11/2018
 Dr. Anish MallickICTS-TIFR Bengaluru Spectral properties of Anderson type random operators 29/11/2018
Dr. Chitrabhanu ChaudhuriIISER Pune Mapping class group and modular spaces 30/11/2018
Prof. Ram Narayan MohapatraUniversity of Central Florida Frames for Hilbert C* Modules 17/12/2018
Dr. Biswajyoti SahaUniversity of Hyderabad Multiple zeta functions : arithmetic and analytic theory 20/12/2018
Dr. Mithun MukherjeeIISER Thiruvananthapuram A new formula for Bures metrc 03/01/2019
Prof. Kalyan B. SinhaJNCASR Trace Formulas in Operator Theory 10/01/2019
Dr. Palash GhoshNational University of Singapore Dynamic Generalized Odds-Ratio (dGOR): A novel approach to assess Dynamic Treatment Regimes (DTR) with An Ordinal Outcome 16/01/2019
 Dr. Suddhasattwa Das,Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University The operator theoretic approach to dynamical systems 21/01/2019

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