Research in the Department

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics at IISER Kolkata has a diverse mix of faculty members actively involved in research. Faculty research interests encompass a wide spectrum of areas. Research groups engaged in core areas of mathematics coexist with groups working in applied mathematics and statistics, to create a synergistic research approach in order to understand problems that lie at the juncture of several disciplines. The collective knowledge helps in providing a perspective to promote the interdisciplinary use of mathematics and statistics across various areas of science and engineering. Some of the thrust areas of research in the department are as follows:

Complex Biological Networks

Structure and evolution of biological networks, Structural changes in human brain
functional networks in ageing.
-Anirban Banerjee

Nonlinear Analysis

Analysis of nonlinear differential forms, Pullback equations, Differential inclusions,
Nonconvex calculus of variations.
-Saugata Bandyopadhyay

Outlier Detection in High Dimension and Bayesian Modeling

Depth functions in high dimension, Gaussian process, MCMC simulation.
-Satyaki Mazumder


Ordering and ageing of probability distributions, Weighted distributions, Order statistics and
records, Entropy, Replacement and maintenance.
-Asok Kumar Nanda

Computational Neuroscience

Signal processing, Pattern recognition, Visual perception and cognition, Brain-computer
-Koel Das

Functional Analysis

Homogeneous operators, Operator theory on functional Hilbert spaces, Interpolation of
operators, Noncommutative convexity, Metric fixed point theory.
-Sreeram Balasubramanian, Subrata Shyam Roy

Graph Theory

Spectrum of algebraic and normalized Laplacian matrix, Hypergraphs.
-Anirban Banerjee

Operator Theory on Function Spaces

Specifically study of reproducing kernel Hilbert Modules and its classification using the tools of complex analytic/algebraic geometry, Multivariable operator theory, Non-commutative function theory
-Shibananda Biswas

Several Complex Variables

Several complex variables, approximation theory using complex analytic techniques, Nevanlinna-Pick type interpolations
-Sushil Gorai

Geometric Representation Theory of Unipotent Groups.

Geometric representation theory of unipotent groups Character sheaves, orbit method, quantization problems
-Swarnendu Datta

Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations

Hyperbolic Conservation Laws, Nonlinear Dispersive Equations, Numerical Analysis of PDE, Linear and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
-Rajib Dutta

Algebraic Topology

String topology (algebraic and geometric structures on loop spaces), Rational homotopy theory and invariants of manifolds, Enumeration of curves and singularities, Groups acting on manifolds
-Somnath Basu


Linear and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Fluid Mechanics, Compressible Navier-Stokes equations, Control of PDE
-Shirshendu Chowdhury

Number Theory

Number Theory
-Soumya Bhattacharya


Functional and infinite dimensional data, Non-parametric and robust statistics, Stochastic processes, Data depth
-Anirvan Chakraborty

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