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The Department of Mathematics & Statistics at IISER Kolkata comprises of young, talented and dynamic mathematicians who are friendly and can connect extremely well with the students. The course structure provides a comprehensive training of basic undergraduate as well as graduate level mathematics. I personally benefited from the reading projects with faculty members of the department on interesting topics in algebraic topology and algebraic geometry. Finally the year long MS project provides students with good opportunity to study topics in sync with their research aspirations.

For all Alumni list: Click Here

Roll No Name Email Completion Date Last Known Affiliation
13RS044 Mrinmay Biswas January 2020
Vyshakh S June 2019
Ankur Naskar June 2019
Rajat Kumar Mishra June 2019
Balakrishna Chhatria June 2019
Jeevan Prakash Jankar June 2019
Milind Vishwas Gunjal June 2019
Siddharth Bhaskar Patwardhan June 2019
Banashree Sarma June 2019
M.Sowmia June 2019
Arkapal Panda June 2019
Akhil Kumar Sahoo June 2019
Bidesh Das June 2019
Vishal Lamba June 2019
Rajesh Pandit June 2019
Harshit Agarwal June 2019
13MS143 Sanjeet Maisnam June 2018
13MS062 Santanil Jana June 2018
13MS080 Rachita Guria June 2018
13MS131 Spandan Das June 2018
13MS028 Shouryya Mitra June 2018
13MS134 Arnab Char June 2018
13MS109 Jishu Das June 2018
13MS098 Vinay Kannaujia June 2018
13MS019 Suman Das June 2018
13MS046 Anup Singh June 2018
13MS125 Shubhamoy Nandan June 2018 Pursuing PhD at Leiden University, Netherland
13MS091 T-Venkata Kartick June 2018
13MS075 Sharon Robins June 2018
13IP040 Sibaprasad Barik
13IP042 Priyadarshi Dey
12IP024 Abhraneel Dutta
12MS069 Pratima Brahma June 2018
12MS006 Vyshakh S June 2018
12MS012 Dipanjana Dalui June 2017 Pursuing PhD at University of Connecticut
12MS043 Neeraj Kumar June 2017
12MS046 Anubhav Gupta June 2017
12MS055 Rohit Uttam Bhagwat June 2017 Data Scientist at SetuServ
12MS065 Vaibhav Kumar Jena June 2017
12MS081 Kuppili Krishna Chaitanya Patnaik June 2017
12MS083 Piduri Chandrahas June 2017 Pursuing PhD at University of Western Ontario, Canada
12MS092 Mainak Mandal June 2017
12MS093 Naveen Prakash Gaur June 2017
12MS110 Tanuj Gupta June 2017
11MS013 Supre Chinmay Sunil June 2016 Employed in General Mills
11MS045 Sunipa Dev June 2016 Pursuing PhD at University of Utah, USA
11MS068 Punya Chatterjee June 2016 Pursuing PhD at Pennsylvania State University, USA
11MS077 Raghvendra Singh Rohit June 2016 Pursuing PhD at University of Waterloo, Canada
11RS044 Ranjit Mehatari
11RS002 Krishanu Deyasi
10RS022 Nil Kamal Hazra June 3,2015 Assistant Prof at IIT Jodhpur
10MS19 Vaibhav Karve May 2015 Pursuing PhD at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA
10MS25 Akshay Chaturvedi May 2015 Pursuing PhD at ISI Kolkata
10MS33 Johanan Eluzi Wahlang May 2015 Pursuing MSc in Computer Science at CMI, India
10MS50 Arindam Sutradhar May 2015 Pursuing PhD in Louisiana, USA
09MS012 Saptarshi Bej May, 2014 Pursuing PhD at Paderborn University, Germany
09MS033 Ravi Prakash Ranjan May, 2014 Pursuing Fellow Programme at IIM, Bangalore
09MS042 Debanjan Nandi May, 2014 Doing PhD at University of Jyväskylä, Finland
09MS073 Vikrant Singh May, 2014 Preparing for competitive exam
09MS128 Guddu Kumar May, 2014 Founder of Mobius Mathematics Classes at Patna
08MS40 Amit Kumar May, 2013 Working at IB Department, Government of India
08RS006 Suchismita Das 2012-12-14 Faculty in S P Jain School of Global Management
07MS26 Akshay Kumar Singh May, 2012 Fellow at IIM Bangalore
07MS05 Sameer Sunilbhai Desai May, 2012 Pursuing PhD at ISI Kolkata
07MS01 Shankhadip Biswas May, 2012 Employed with Northern Lights Studio Pvt. Ltd. a Bhopal-based digital media company.
07MS02 Ashim Dubey May, 2012 Faculty in New York University Abu Dhabi
07MS56 Madhuri Mallela May, 2012  Working with Infosys, Trivandrum
07MS77 Shashankaditya Upadhyay May, 2012 Persuing PhD at Shiv Nadar university
07MS52 Antareep Mandal May, 2012 Pursuing PhD at Humboldt University of Berlin
06MS23 Nishant Kumar May, 2011 Working at American Express
06MS16 Kapil Dev May, 2011 Working at HeyMath, Chennai
06MS13 Anish Mallick May, 2011 Pursuing PhD at IMSc, Chennai
06MS18 Gouri Shankar Seal May, 2011 Pursuing PhD at Northeastern University, Boston
06MS06 Abhishek Shukla May, 2011 Pursuing PhD at University of Warwick, UK

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